Give Your Computer the Gift of a Solid State Drive!

Have you considered upgrading your internal hard drive to a solid state one (SSD)?
Dok Klaus offers the possibility of imaging your old, slower, and more fragile hard drive to a new solid state drive. The SSD does not have any moving parts; if you should drop the laptop, the drive is much more likely to survive the impact. If your data is essential, this is a key factor. The SDD consumes less energy, so the system runs cooler and can last longer on battery power. And with a solid state drive, your computer runs faster, too.  They have become more affordable; some even come with an up to 10 year warranty. Starting at $150, Dok's current deal is a 120GB SSD with data transfer. If you give your favorite notebook the gift of a solid state hard drive, you’re sure to be impressed with the results!
Dok Klaus Computer Care - Warrenton, VA